Ben Cable

About Ben

Ben Cable, A Native Of Bridgeport, CT, And Adopted In Hartford, CT,

has embarked on a remarkable artistic journey. In his early twenties, he ventured to Hollywood, where he honed his craft and embraced the world of acting. With his incredible talent and dedication, Ben emerged as an award-winning actor and producer in the realm of short films. His creative spirit led him to explore new horizons, and he has recently shifted his focus to writing  books. With his boundless imagination and a passion for storytelling, Ben Cable continues to captivate minds of all ages and inspire imagination through his enchanting literary works. Today, Ben Cable lives in Los Angeles and enjoys container gardening with his little black and white dog ‘Oreo’.

Ben Cable

Why Write This Book?

I Am Pleased To Share My New Book Sophie Based on an inspiring teenager .

Sophie is an endless bound of  energy and curiosity. Always full of questions and a true “Sherlock” in the making. 

I tried to capture this feeling in Sophie. I hope you enjoy Sophie as much as I had writing the book, an introduction to this wonderful character.

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